She is the poem

I am the poem,
The word,
The letters,
Of every sentences that he makes.

I am the reason
Of his smile,
His tears,
And his first heartbreak.

I am everything.
I am his love,
His forever,
And his never.

Now everything took turn.
He was now my poem,
My love,
And my heartbreak.

Here I am,
On my desk,
Dedicating every cursive letter
And pouring every tear for my love letter.

Trying hard to stop my tears,
Trying hard to stop the fear,
Of being alone
Now that you’re not here.

Before I end this letter
I just want to say sorry
For being your love
And being your everything.

15 thoughts on “She is the poem

  1. Such a beautiful and pensive poem. I loved it! Great lines – “Here I am,
    On my desk,
    Dedicating every cursive letter
    And pouring every tear for my love letter.”

    Thank you for this great creation and your little seed of inspiration to me of a title – “I Cannot Write In Cursive”. I only have the title and a first line – “I cannot write in cursive when I write poetry, when I write about you and the life we had. I have to print slowly and steadily as the feelings and emotions roll over my soul again, like a new tsunami every time I write about us in a new and different poem. I have to hold my hand steady through the wave of tears. The aftershocks of a life changing earthquake in my heart – Ok, once I started writing this I ended up finishing it. See what a great inspiration your words are!!!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful blossom that bloomed from your tiny seed of inspiration!!!

    Wonderful post – Bellissimo,Bellissimo!!!
    Email me and I will send you the completed poem –

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      1. Just reread this and wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the power of your seed of inspiration! I shall be forever in your debt for the inspiration you and your words gave me!! I don’t recall if I sent you the link to – “I Cannot Write In Cursive” or not but here it is – I know how thrilled I am when anything I’ve written has moved the heart of someone to write a poem of their own! Just wanted let you know how happy your poem made me in reading it and even more in inspiring me to write one of my own!!
        Blessings to You, My Dear!


  2. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Come read “She Is The Poem” by Vyen on poetsalbum. A beautiful and inspirational love poem. This is a perfect example of how one little seed of inspiration – a word or phrase – from someone else can give you a new poem. It did for me in my poem “I Cannot Write In Cursive”. Maybe it will inspire you too??

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